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Due to some administrative issues our GPSC travel grants deadlines have changed. This will affect several of the upcoming rounds. Please note that because of these changes the typical July deadline will not be opened until a later date. We will be combining our July and September rounds of travel grants and applications for this extended round will be open in August. Because we take applications for travel that has already occurred and travel that will happen in the future, this means that in August we will take applications for travel that occurred as early as June 2014 and travel that will not occur until February 2015.


Change in Summer Campus Recreation Access for Graduate Students

This year graduate and professional students wanting to use the Recreation Center who are not enrolled in a summer term must purchase a summer membership. Please see the information below from the Campus Recreation website.

An automatic student membership is granted to any student of The University of Arizona taking one or more units during the current semester and full payment of appropriate student fees (including individual summer terms).  For more information on student memberships, visit Student Membership Eligibility. 

Students not enrolled in classes in a summer term must purchase a membership for that term in order to access the Recreation Center and use the facilities. Students may purchase a Full Summer Membership or a membership by summer term.

Full Summer Membership:
(includes Pre-Session, Summer 1 and Summer 2)




Summer 1:


Summer 2:



For more information you may visit the Campus Recreation FAQ page


If you still have concerns or questions about this, we strongly encourage you contact the Campus Rec Director, Lynn Zwaagstra:  



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Affordable Care Act FAQ

Do you have questions about how the Affordable Care Act will affect you? Check out our FAQ page to find answers to your questions. Affordable Care Act FAQ